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About Our Business

Our team of specialists will accommodate all your real estate needs with efficient and timely advice backed by highly technical analysis. Nova Finance takes extreme pride in our vast number crunching abilities and enormous pleasure passing on all gained knowledge of markets, trends and laws to our clients. We unequivocally help navigate emotionally driven real estate markets with fact-based conclusions concerning specific market conditions and properties. Nova Finance eliminates the guess work from real estate using detailed analysis of each property and situation relative to the clients’ situation. Our goal is to help make timely and accurate decisions for each client, based on factual evidence, historic performance and current structures and laws.
Nova Finance is directly licensed in 13 states and eligible to transact from coast to coast, thus our nationwide ability to manage all your real estate and business finance needs is our pleasure!

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Irina Chernova, CEO and co-founder, is a mortgage loan specialist and real estate broker born in Russia and raised in Los Angeles. Irina has over 17 years of specialization in financing, standard and bank sales, short sales, private money, and asset management. Irina’s understanding of many different markets and programs helps broaden client perspectives while concurrently identifying all immediate matters and finding the proper solutions. Irina’s extensive training and expertise enables her to quickly quantify client needs while her knowledge and experience helps her effectively serve all clients and their real estate aspirations.


JJ Lasley, CFO and co-founder, is a commodities broker and real estate professional whose goal to provide solutions to his real estate and cannabis clients has passionately come true. After playing professional football and rugby, JJ decided to join the investment banking community where he learned to value companies and markets while raising money for good ideas and great performance. After years of doing deals publicly and privately, he emerged in real estate and commodities, focused on appreciating assets and helping his clients purchase, sell and/or maintain their prized possessions. JJ’s Economics and Sociology degrees from Stanford University facilitate understanding the financial matrix of investing within the social context of market conditions. JJ relies on years of experiencing money markets and commodities in guiding clients into the right financial decisions for the right reasons.

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