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Nova Finance mortgage experts will analyze each situation specifically, running the numbers on all possible scenarios before presenting all product options. We will only let our clients engage a deal after quantitatively and qualitatively explaining all possible outcomes to help clients understand the bigger picture and make long term decisions for all the right reasons. Property ownership is one of the most important rights we maintain as sovereign beings and getting into the right deal for the right reasons makes a world of difference.

Our team of mortgage experts is standing by to analyze each loan request. Each loan is a multifaceted and delicate dance between lender, borrower and conditions; hence Nova Finance will set the tone and tempo for the parties to engage effortlessly. Our knowledgeable representatives will align the borrower with the lender that both fits their immediate needs and will absolutely close the deal. Nova Finance can provide all your mortgage needs, including hard money and bridge financing for unfinished or rehabilitation projects. We have access to all the national lenders, as well as deep pocketed private lenders, hedge funds and real estate funds actively looking to service loans on real property. Nova Finance is up to date on all state and national special funding programs and can accommodate all would be homeowners. In fact, we will possibly introduce most of our clients to special programs and incentives not readily known by the public, thereby immediately adding value to each client experience.

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